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Messages posted by nolcal

Aug 6

Can I get p90x free?

My guess is one of them will get hurt and they will lose 21


How can Joey Votto not be an all star? What do you think about Strasburg - should he be an all star?

Good detail. Thanks. I will definitely try it and let u all know how it goes.

What do you know about this? Does it work? Side effects? dosage etc?

How do you avoid these rashes on kids inner thighs with this heat and sweating? Is there a product for this to avoid instead of react after the fact?

you may be right on celtics in 7

Great stuff and longest post in forum thus far

Have a huge blister from barefoot running last night - I would not recommend

Interesting debate on barefoot running.

there were many other blown calls that game on strikes balls etc. Human error is a part of the game. Keep as is or else have robots ump the game.

she is a cry baby, but she finished 6 hole

good insight Matt - thanks

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