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Messages posted by Chris

Found these on Sport Fitness Advisor. They recommend 5 sets of 10 reps for each drill.

1. Basic Sprints
Set 2 cones out 10-20 meters apart. Sprint from one cone to the next and slowly jog back to the start. Vary the start of the sprint to make the drill more sport specific. For example...

Face backwards, lie down, jump up, pretend to receive a pass, jump to head a ball etc.

2. Rolling Start
Exactly the same as above except you jog for 10 meters before sprinting. This drill is specifically designed to enhance acceleration rather than speed off the mark. Try running backwards or side stepping as well.

3. Up Hill Sprints
In competition the first few strides are crucial. Running up a slight hill (about 30 degrees) helps to develop power and acceleration. Keep the distances short (10-15 meters) and allow extra rest between sets and reps. Resistance chute used with speed and agility drills

An alternative to uphill running is a resistance parachute. Resistance chutes are one of the most popular and effective training aids for sprinters. If it's adjustable it can be used to develop power for sprint trainers or even long distance runners.

4. Down Hill Sprints (Over speed training)
Down hill speed and agility drills help to develop leg speed and co-ordination. This is sometimes referred to as over-speed training. Keep the distance short (10-15 meters) and make sure the hill is only slight.

An alternative method of over-speed training is to use elastic cords. An Over-Speed Trainer consists of a pulley system to provide a smooth build up of speed. It enables the sprinter to move at a rate greater than 100% of their usual top speed. It can also be used to provide resistance much like uphill sprints.

5. Hollow Sprints
Set 5 cones out in 30 meters intervals. Sprint 30 meters, jog 30 meters, sprint 30 meters and jog 30 meters to the final cone. Walk back to the start and repeat.

6. Cruise And Sprint
Mark out a distance of 100 meters. From the start gradually accelerate to reach full speed at about 60 meters. Sprint all out for the final 40 meters.

Reduce the number of repetitions for this exercise as it takes longer to complete.

7. Ladder Drills
speed ladder A ladder is a simple training device that helps to improve co-ordination and leg speed. It can be used for a number of speed and agility drills and is particularly useful for sports such as tennis and basketball that requires fast and co-ordinated footwork.

8. The Snake
Set up a series of 6-8 cones in a straight line about 1 meter apart. Weave through the cones, turn and weave through back to the start.

9. Follow The Leader
A training partner and large area is required for this drill. Have your training partner jog, run and sprint randomly over a large area. You must try to shadow her as closely as possible. This is an excellent drill that helps to develop reaction time, acceleration and speed endurance.

nolcal wrote:Aug 6

Good guess. He got it today (August 4th). Bomb to center.

Will he get 700? I think he will but barely. I don't think he will get to Ruth at 714.

Tried it tonight for the first time.

Definitely felt the rush and was very energized during my workout. Had a tingling feeling throughout my body which I think is from the Arginine Alpha-Ketoglutarate (AAKG) which is suppose to improve blood flow to the muscles.

Overall, I felt my workout benefited from Jack 3d. I'm excited to try it again but maybe not so late in the day.

Phil wrote:if so when? I take August 15th

I thought for sure he would of hit it on his bday this past weekend.

My guess is July 31 against Garza and the TB Rays. Garza is the cat who threw a no-no on Monday.

Could it be tendonitis? Here is an excerpt of an article I found about Achilles tendonitis:

Achilles tendonitis is a chronic injury that occurs primarily from overuse. It tends to come on gradually over time until pain is constant and exercise or activity too painful to continue. The biggest cause of chronic Achilles tendonitis is ignoring early warning signs and pushing through pain. If the Achilles tendon is sore, or aches, you need to pay attention and rest it immediately.

The author of the article recommends cutting back on your training and incorporating some light stretching after exercising.

nolcal wrote:How can Joey Votto not be an all star?

He got snubbed but he should still get in with the final vote. You have until Thursday to vote at:

nolcal wrote: What do you think about Strasburg - should he be an all star?

No. Being selected to the all star game should be based on your 1st half performance. 2-2 with a 2.45 ERA just doesn't cut it. Had he started the year in the majors he would most likely be an all star.

Garrett wrote:Lakers in 7

Right on the money

The Glute Kickback is a good way to tone the butt.

Also, you can check out the list of all glute exercises on this website

pjh139 wrote:You know you work out too much

...if you suck at math yet you can rattle off multiples of 45 quicker than a math whiz.

nolcal wrote:there were many other blown calls that game on strikes balls etc.

True, but I think an out-safe call is different than a ball-strike call or an nba foul call or an nfl pass interference call. I think an out-safe call takes more skill and less judgement than the ones I mentioned.

If the ball beats the runner and the defensive player has his foot on the bag then the runner is out. If the runner beats the throw or the defensive player doesn't have his foot on the bag then the runner is safe. The call is either right or wrong. This cannot be said for a ball-strike call which I consider to be a true judgement call. 100% of the people who saw the play would say the runner was safe.

Saying that still I don't think Selig should reverse the call. It would be a whole different debate if it was the 7th game of the World Series and the call changed the outcome of the game.

Phil wrote:What do you think that drives you to work out?

I think the answer to this question changes as we age.

As a teenager I worked out for sports performance and to look good. Now that I'm older I work out to maintain my health and so I can continue eating foods I shouldn't be eating although that is starting to catch up with me.

pjh139 wrote:861 mg sodium in one serving

Holy cow! I had no idea it had this much sodium. Guess I need to do a better job of reading labels. Thanks for the heads up. Will definitely have to rethink my after workout meals.

Scary moment when Clevland Indians pitcher David Huff is hit in the head by an A-Rod line drive today.

Glad to hear this: wrote:Huff was taken to nearby NewYork-Presbyterian/Columbia University Medical Center, where a CT scan came up negative, meaning Huff did not suffer any brain damage. He was to remain at the hospital for several hours Saturday for precautionary observations, but he did not lose consciousness or memory.

I take:
  • Every Man 2 by New Chapter as my multi vitamin. It recommends 6 a day but I only take 2.
  • Acidophilus Pearls by Enzymatic Therapy. It is a probiotic. I take one before bed on an empty stomach.

  • If I'm sick or feel like I'm getting sick I will take some vitamin C.

    I love your optimism! You are right about making due w/ what you have. If you can't make it to the gym, do some push-ups, crunches etc at home. Things like that make a huge difference.

    Thanks for sharing.

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