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Messages posted by Randi

Nutrition Plan

Optimal results will be achieve by committing to “the program” 80-90% of the time. Think about it this way, If you eat 6 times per day, that’s 42 feeding opportunities per week. In order to achieve the results you desire you need to be on target for at least 34 of those meals. That gives you 6 to 8 opportunities to stray from the menu. Can you manage that? A glass of wine here and there, pizza on Friday night is okay. It’s not a green light to binge, but rather an opportunity to stray with the line still tied to the dock.

Build the Foundation
1) Eat less 2) Eliminate simple sugars 3)Reduce Starchy Carbohydrates
4)Eat breakfast everyday 5) Eat small Meals more frequently
6) Eat your Vegetables 7) Eat more fiber
Manage Caffine Consumption 9) Eat more protien 10) Dont Drink your calories
11) Add some good fat to your diet

I agree :) I use both woth my clients I actually combined them so they are always working at the right intensity even when weight training heart rate is very important!!

Definitlety do th H.I.I.T program!! It is 20-30 minutes long. But trust me if you are doing it hard enough you only need 20 minutes!!
warm-up 3 minutes, 1 min high intensity (fast), 1 minutes low intensity (moderate pace) repeat until minute 16 do an extra hard minute then cool down 3 minute!!

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