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Weight set

Weight set
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5-19-2010 2:55AM
Messages: 31

Where can I get a weight set that will be decent but not break the bank? thanks



5-19-2010 2:55AM
Messages: 60

I would try first and ebay second.

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5-19-2010 2:55AM
Messages: 55

Nolcal - Dicks Sporting Goods has a 300lb set that is very reasonable.


5-29-2010 7:38PM
Messages: 27

Flea markets, second hand stores, Goodwill, Salvation army to name a few.

Look stop and think how many people you know flew into "I'm going to get healthy" and then their workout equipment gathers dust until they either donate it or lug it out to the yard sale. Someone is forever getting rid of something. All you need are two dumbbell bars and one barbell bar with a locking system you like [I like screw on and hate the clip-ons I now have. Live and learn]. Weights can be picked up at Walmart or other places that carry them and you simply buy as you need. So if find an adjustable system for $5 bucks for the barbell at one place and $5 bucks for the two dumbbell bars at another, you got the starter for 10 bucks and they usually have some weights attached to get you started. check them over and make sure they are sturdy and safe [that big dent where he threw the thing against the basement wall because he couldn't bench 20 pound dumbbells makes it a no buy]

Dirt cheap. may not be pretty but do you want them to show off or to use?

edited to add: and you can pick up other parts dirt cheap. For example out local thrift 'barn' has a very very nice DP bench with leg extension/curl and barbell rack attached for 30 bucks. For another 20, I could buy the weight rack to go with it [cable weights] But with the dumbbell/barbell, I don't need the cable weights and it inclines and declines. Still in the plastic that covered the really nice padded bench which looks brand new [and is because he or she never bothered to use it]

second edit because when I type fast I have typos

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Injury is all in your imagination. Quit crying and lift.

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