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# of meals per day

# of meals per day
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5-19-2010 2:55AM
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What is the suggested number of meals (and size of meal) a day?




5-19-2010 2:55AM
Messages: 16

5 meals a day. Breakfast, lunch, dinner. and two snacks. You want to eat every 2-3 hours. Drink plenty of water. Drink a 8oz glass of water 30 minutes before you eat.



5-19-2010 2:55AM
Messages: 35

Garrett - i have never heard that on water before meal. Great advice.



5-19-2010 2:55AM
Messages: 60

Found this article: "Many of the articles on "nutrition" in the general media suggest the "right" times to eat and the number of meals to eat to prevent weight gain. It is common to hear that eating late at night causes excess fat to be produced. This is not accurate — it is overeating at any time, not simply eating at night, that causes someone to gain weight, particularly if they're not exercising or expending enough energy during the day. These articles also sometimes suggest that manipulating the number of meals per day could increase your metabolism and help you lose weight. Realistically, there is no magic number of times you should eat, nor are there specific types of foods you should eat or a particular time of day to eat to lose weight.

The bottom line is: eat when you're hungry and avoid overeating. The number of meals you have per day and when should depend upon your schedule and the total number of calories you want to take in. If you lead a typical student lifestyle, three meals a day may not work best for you. A classic example: let's say you grab a bagel at about 7 A.M. You may not have lunch until 2 P.M. and dinner until 8 P.M. This is a long time between meals. Chances are that you would be very hungry before both lunch and dinner. Being overly hungry, or "starving!" as some might say, could easily lead you to overeat at both meals. Many of us not only overeat when we are too hungry, but we also end up eating too fast, which is bad for our digestion. For this reason, several small meals may help you control portion size overall.

Carrying healthy snacks with you during the day is a great way to avoid overeating at meals. Take a bag of carrot sticks, pieces of fruit, nuts and raisins, half a sandwich, or a granola bar with you during your next long day on campus. You'll find that when you don't deny yourself food when you're hungry, you'll be much more in control of eating the amounts that are right for you. Remember, a healthy diet includes moderation, variety, and some tasty foods, too. Columbia students who want more help with meal planningcan make an appointment with a nutritionist by calling x4-2284 or through Open Communicator.

You can certainly experiment with the number and timing of your meals to see what keeps you satisfied and energized. If you enjoy having several smaller meals, there is no reason to eat three "square" meals each day, as long as you are getting a balanced mix of fruits, vegies, whole grains, and lean protein. Likewise, if eating three meals a day is working well for you, there's no need to buy into the fad of several small meals."


5-29-2010 7:38PM
Messages: 27

I can't find the article anywhere and am about to run out the door to get the Jeep from the mechanic [water pump replacement]

But it suggested that drinking COLD water before the meal would elevate the fat burning. It cited a scientific study that the cold water activated certain body responses that caused this. OF course I wouldn't transfer that info into my handy dandy notebook... I usually do make notes of interesting stuff to research more. When I find it again, I'll post the link or cite the magazine. The recommendation was 2 glasses of ice cold water before you eat.

Also, number of meals usually ranges from 5 to 6 if you are into bodybuilding. And that is basically what I am going to address not other sports. Feed the muscles at a certain time average about 2 hours or a bit more apart. You can use about 30 g of protein in a sitting. The rest just gets tossed out as waste water. I surely would hate to think of that Filet Mignon I had that was so good going there. So take the rest home in a doggie bag and eat it for the next few meals that day. Make the last meal of the day [or snack if you want to call it that] dairy. You want casein protein so that it will feed the muscles while you sleep. So have a cup of cottage cheese.

Remember if protein is a concern NOT ALL PROTEINS are created equal IN DIGESTION SPEED. They all digest at different speeds. One of the fastest is Whey. It's great for after workouts and even before. Vegetable proteins do the same exact job as animal proteins. Your cells can't tell the difference what is the difference is the way the are digested and the speed at which they reach your cells. DO take this into account if you are a Vegan. That soy protein will do the same job, just slower so allow for this when you calculate the meals. You want an even supply.

Take your daily calories, divide by the number of meals you want to eat and aim for them at each meal. DO take the amount of protein you need for the day and divide by 30. This generally tells you the number of meals and snacks.

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Injury is all in your imagination. Quit crying and lift.



5-19-2010 2:55AM
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Hello All!

I am from Canada and here we have what they call the "Canada Food Guide". I remember it being handed out when I was in 2nd or 3rd grade but at that age in life who really worries about that right. Needless to say, I pulled it off the internet last week and have been following it to a T with the suggested portion sizes and food combining, it has been amazing. I am NEVER hungry between meals/snacks and I feel full all the time and the total bonus is I have lost 5 lbs in just doint this for a week.
After much research in regard to is a common myth that our bodies require 8 glasses of water a day. Many nutritionalists are now suggesting that we do require up to 4 glasses a day and anything above that is when we are thirsty. It is enouraged to drink prior to a meal as it gives us the illusion of feeling fuller causing us to naturally eat less at meal time however...dont let it deprive you of essentially needed vitamins and minerals that we normally aquire from food.
We need to eat to stay healthy and to lose weight. Have a great weekend all!

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