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Help - Status Updates

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What is a Status Update?

A Status update is a short answer (250 characters or less) to the question "What's going on?". It can be something like "Off to the gym" or "Just got done running and my shins are killing me. Any advice for how to treat shin splints?". Your status updates does not have to be fitness related, it can be about anything.

Who can see and comment on my Status?

If your Profile access is set to Everyone then all members will be able to see and comment on your status. If your Profile access is set to Only my friends then only your friends will be able to see and comment on your status.

You can change your Profile access by going to the Privacy tab under Edit Profile.

Why is my latest Status Update not showing under Browse Members?

To keep things current, your lastest Status update will not be shown under Browse Members if it is is older than 2 weeks.

How do I update my Status?

Where will my Status Update be displayed?

How do I leave a comment on a Status Update or reply to a comment left on a Status Update?

What is Status Central and how do I get to it?

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