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Help - Progress Pics

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What are Progress Pics?

Progress pics are a visual timeline of your fitness journey. They are a great motivational tool not only for you but for others who see them.

How do I view my Progress Pics?

There are 3 ways to view your progress pics:

  1. On the left menu, click view next to Progress pics. You must be logged in to access your photos this way.
  2. On your profile page, click the progress pics link located directly below your profile pic.
  3. Also on your profile page, click the view all link located at the bottom of the Profile Pic section. The Profile Pic section is located on the right hand side of your profile page.

How do I upload a Progress Pic?

To upload a progress pic follow these steps:

  1. On the left menu, click manage next to Progress pics.
  2. Click the Upload a progress pic link located at the top of the page.
  3. Select a progress pic to upload and click Continue.
  4. Enter an optional caption and the required Date taken and click Save.

When uploading a Progress Pic, the date taken field is required but I don't remember when the photo was taken.

Just make the best guess you can. It's ok if it's not exact.

How do I edit or delete a Progress Pic I've already uploaded?

On the left menu, click manage next to Progress pics.

  • To delete a progress pic click Delete located below the progress pic you want to delete.
  • To edit a progress pic click Edit located below the progress pic you want to edit, make your changes and click Save Changes. You can also click a progress pic to begin the edit process.

What image formats are supported?


How do I view another member's Progress Pics?

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