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Help - Create / Edit an Exercise

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When should I create an Exercise?

You should create an exercise if an exercise you want to use in your workouts cannot be found it Public Exercises.

How do I create a new Exercise?

After I create a new Exercise where can it be found?

The 3 places your newly created exercise can be found are:

  1. Under the Created tab in My Exercises.
  2. If the exercise is a Strength Training exercise it can be found under the Strength Training tab in My Exercises. If the exercise is a Cardio exercise it can be found under the Cardio tab in My Exercises.
  3. If you made the exercise public, it can be found in Public Exercises.

Is there a place I can view all of my created Exercises?

Yes. Go to My Exercises and click the Created tab.

How do I edit an Exercise?

You can only edit exercises that you have created.

To edit an exercise, go to My Exercises, click the Created tab and click edit next to exercise you want to edit. The process for editing an exercise is the same as creating an exercise.

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