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General Fitness
[Folder] For those just getting started and need some help.
11 20

5-25-2015 4:36AM
jameswade [Latest Reply]

[Folder] Share your favorite workout programs and get ideas from others.
57 83

12-5-2015 3:41AM
KentMyers [Latest Reply]

[Folder] Strength training exercises, programs, techniques and tips.
5 13

3-23-2015 11:16PM
jameswade [Latest Reply]

[Folder] Cardio exercises, programs, techniques and tips.
6 20

5-14-2015 1:45AM
Mariaop [Latest Reply]

[Folder] Discuss weigh loss programs, techniques and tips. What works?
5 17

6-12-2014 1:46AM
bdaa01 [Latest Reply]

[Folder] Health and fitness topics specific to women.
5 13

3-20-2015 2:12AM
jameswade [Latest Reply]

[Folder] Health and fitness topics for those over the age of 40.
3 12

1-9-2018 10:20PM
haiwon69 [Latest Reply]

[Folder] Need motivation or want to share your motivation tips?
4 21

6-9-2010 9:46PM
pjh139 [Latest Reply]

[Folder] What should I use and what should I wear?
4 14

6-22-2010 11:11AM
Jodie [Latest Reply]

[Folder] Discuss how to prevent and recover from injuries.
4 26

8-16-2010 9:55AM
Phil [Latest Reply]

[Folder] Open discussion. Talk about anything here.
71 125

10-31-2015 2:37AM
zhangzhang234 [Latest Reply]

Nutrition & Supplements
[Folder] Discuss foods, diets and eating habits.
2 7

11-13-2010 4:23PM
sunvalleygirl [Latest Reply]

[Folder] Anything and everything related to supplements.
5 20

8-1-2010 7:31AM
Jodie [Latest Reply]

[Folder] Share your favorite recipes and get ideas on what to make tonight.
6 24

9-25-2010 10:55PM
pjh139 [Latest Reply]

ReinFit Support
[Folder] Post questions and/or comments you have about the ReinFit website.
3 6

6-1-2010 10:50PM
Jodie [Latest Reply]

[Folder] What feature(s) would you like to see added to ReinFit?
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